To the south and southwest of Dublin lie the Wicklow Mountains, a largely wild area at the center of County Wicklow that today is preserved as a national park. Buck Mulligan turns toward these "awaking mountains" at the beginning of Telemachus, and Leopold and Molly Bloom both remember a night when they returned in a jaunting car from a dinner at the "Glencree reformatory," passing over the "featherbed mountain" that is part of the range. In Lestrygonians and Penelope the Blooms think of an incident near another County Wicklow mountain called "the Sugarloaf," which is not part of the Wicklow range proper.

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The Wicklow Mountains. Source:

The Glencree Centre for Reconciliation, formerly the Glencree Reformatory. Source:

The Featherbed Mountains. Source:

The Great Sugar Loaf, seen from the west in winter in a 2007 photograph by Sarah777. Source: Wikimedia Commons.