At the end of Telemachus Stephen recalls words from the prayer for the dying in a peculiar way. Three phrases are excerpted from the prayer and arranged on separate lines of text: "Liliata rutilantium. / Turma circumdet. / Iubilantium te virginum." At the end of Calypso Bloom does something very similar, repeating a phrase three times on separate lines of text: "Heigho! Heigho! / Heigho! Heigho! / Heigho! Heigho!" In the second of these instances, Joyce makes clear what is happening: Bloom is hearing "The bells of George's church" tolling the time of day: "Quarter to." An observant reader could reasonably infer that Stephen too is hearing bells ringing out from some nearby building, fixing the end of Telemachus too at 8:45. This inference is confirmed in Ithaca.

JH 2017

Bells in St. Mary's Church, Felmersham, Bedfordshire. Source: