In Lotus Eaters and again in Hades, Bloom passes by the same "hazard," or cabstand, and thinks about the horses hitched to the cabs. There is a "cabman's shelter" near this cabstand on Great Brunswick (now Pearse) Street, a major thoroughfare in the SE part of central Dublin. In Eumaeus Bloom and Stephen stop in at another cabman's shelter, this one just north of the Liffey, for a bite to eat and a cup of coffee.

JH 2014

"The hazard," still operating across the street from parked automobiles in the 1950s. Source: Tindall, The Joyce Country.

The cabman's shelter at Butt Bridge, with the Loopline railway bridge passing overhead, in the 1950s. Cabs are being driven toward the bridge at the right of the photograph. Source: Tindall, The Joyce Country.