Patrick Boe (2015-2016) is a software engineer living in Philadelphia, where he parents a three year old, cooks, and rides around on a big green touring bike. He designed the mobile conversion for the site.

Gareth Collins (2014-present) lives in Belfast, and works in insurance for his sins. He has been hooked on Joyce's books, and Dublin, for as long as he can remember, and he takes photos of the city to document the continuity of past and present.

Iman Fani (2014-present) is an Iranian physician and poet who currently lives in Sydney. He is translating both Ulysses and the site's notes into Persian on his weblog at

Alex Hunt (2011-present) lives in Boston. After assisting with coding and design on the site's initial version, he developed version 2.0, and he continues to work on changes to it.

John Hunt (2009-present) teaches literature at the University of Montana in Missoula. He conceived the site and has designed it with the help of more technologially savvy collaborators. He plans to continue writing notes indefinitely.

Morgan Lawrence (2014) completed her B.A. in English Literature and Irish Studies at the University of Montana in 2013. She is a wildland firefighting barista with a taste for world travel and unveiling the mystery of the Macintosh man. 

Barb Nelson (2011-2013) completed her M.A. in English Literature at the University of Montana and lives in Kalispell. She prepared the text of Ulysses and compiled an explanatory list of People in the Novel.

Tom Seiler (2009-2012) earned his M.A. in English Literature at the University of Montana. He developed the first version of the site, and conceived the idea of encoding variable pagination to accommodate different print editions of the novel.

Josh Wagner (2014) managed to complete his B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Montana between extensive journeys around the globe. He is a novelist, playwright, and rabble-rouser.  /