Text and Pagination

This site's Ulysses is not identical to that of any printed edition. It attempts to approximate the appearance and content of the 1922 first edition, without the many hundreds of errors that Joyce diligently sought to correct, first by compiling lists of errata for subsequent printings in the 1920s, and later by authorizing Stuart Gilbert to oversee the production of a better text in 1932. I frequently follow changes made in the 1932 edition and its fourth revised printing in 1939. Less frequently, I adopt emendations made to the early texts by Hans Walter Gabler in his 1984 critical edition. In choosing among variants in these and other printed texts, I have sometimes followed recommendations made by Philip Gaskell and Clive Hart in a 1989 book that proposed emendations to three texts: the 1922 and 1984 editions, and the commonly used 1961 Random House edition. Queries about particular editorial choices, and corrections of any errors I may have inadvertently introduced, are welcome.

For users who wish to align the site's words with those of a book, buttons divide the continuous scrollable text into the discrete pages of certain printed copies. (Only pagination is reproduced, not lineation or exact text.) Paginate 1922 Text reproduces the pages of the original edition by Shakespeare & Company, reprinted in recent years as an Orchises Press hardcover facsimile and as Oxford University Press and Dover Publications paperbacks. Paginate 1961 Text reproduces the pages of Random House's longstanding edition, printed in Modern Library hardcovers and Vintage paperbacks. Paginate 1986 Text reproduces the pages of the same publisher's slightly revised issue of Gabler's 1984 Garland edition, printed in Vintage paperbacks. Finally, Paginate 1932 Text reproduces the pages of the 1932 Odyssey Press edition, as reprinted in 2010 by Wordsworth Editions. It remains to be seen which version of the Odyssey printings in the 1930s may ultimately gain traction in the marketplace. If Sam Slote's 2012 Alma Classics edition, a non-facsimile version of the 1939 printing, becomes more widely used than the 1932 version approved by the Joyce estate, a change in the site's pagination may be called for.