Wicklow Mountains

Only a few miles south and southwest of Dublin lie the Wicklow Mountains, a wild area at the center of County Wicklow that today is preserved as a 54,000-acre national park. Buck Mulligan turns toward these "awaking mountains" at the beginning of Telemachus, and Leopold and Molly Bloom both remember a night when a jaunting car returned them from a dinner at the "Glencree reformatory," passing over the "featherbed mountain" that is part of the range. Other chapters refer to a municipal water reservoir that lies on the eastern side of the mountains, to the Poulaphouca waterfall on the western side, to a separate County Wicklow mountain called "the Sugarloaf," and to the ruined monastery at "Glendalough."

JH 2019

The Wicklow Mountains. Source: www.islandsandlifelines.co.uk.

The Glencree Centre for Reconciliation, formerly the Glencree Reformatory. Source: www.panoramio.com.

The Featherbed. Source: www.gettyimages.com.

The Great Sugar Loaf, seen from the west in winter in a 2007 photograph by Sarah777. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Richard Chandler's hand-painted map of the Wicklow Mountains and foothills. Source: www.themapcentre.com.