Two strong shrill whistles

In the Catholic Mass, the moment of transubstantiation is marked by the celebrant raising the Host and a server ringing a sacring bell. As Mulligan waits for transubstantiation to occur in his bowl of lather, he invites the Almighty (the “old chap” of the following paragraph) to work his magic, and he seems to receive an aural confirmation corresponding to the peals of the bell: "He peered sideways up and gave a long low whistle of call, then paused awhile in rapt attention.... Two strong shrill whistles answered through the calm." Hearing these miraculous whistles. a reader may well ask whether Mulligan's mass is something more than mockery. But there is a realistic explanation.

JH 2023

Odyssey: The Two Eagles of the Omen, 2012 digital art by Rod Dreher.  Source: