"Mullingar" is the chief town in "county Westmeath," west of Dublin in the Irish Midlands. Milly Bloom, the daughter of Leopold and Molly, has recently taken a job in a photographer's shop in Mullingar. In Calypso, she writes her father to say that she has met "a young student" there named Bannon. In this chapter, and at several later points in the novel, Bloom thinks of making a trip to Mullingar to visit his daughter, no doubt spurred in part by paternal worries about her sexual maturation. Two kinds of Irish transportation corridors figure in his plans: railways and canals.

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The 32 counties of Ireland. Source:

Routes of the Royal and Grand canals. Source:

A map of Ireland's rail lines made in 1906 for the UK Viceregal Commission on Irish Railways. Source: Wikimedia Commons.