Episode 2, "Nestor," shows Stephen outside of his bohemian digs, in the adult world of earning a living. He has walked about a mile southeast from the Sandycove tower to the town of Dalkey, where he is employed in a private boys' school owned and run by a man named Garrett Deasy. Joyce maps this realistic action onto some of the events in Books 2 and 3 of the Odyssey, which show Telemachus moving into the world of manly action. The events narrated in the chapter probably begin at about 9:30 and end at about 10:30.

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 Possible route of Stephen's walk between the 1st and 2nd chapters, on a map by Bob Conrad. Source: McCarthy and Rose, Joyce's Dublin: A Walking Guide.

Bartolomeo Pinelli's early 19th c. drawing (pen on paper, with gray and brown wash and traces of black chalk) titled "Telemachus Relates how he was Admitted into the Assembly and how he Received Prizes," held in the Art Institute of Chicago. Source:

Nestor and his sons sacrificing to Poseidon on the beach at Pylos, in an Attic red-figure calyx-krater from ca. 400 BC. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Early 19th c. etching of Telemachus taking his leave of Nestor by Henry Howard, location unknown. Source: Wikimedia Commons.