"You, Cochrane": the second episode, usually called Nestor, finds Stephen teaching boys in a private school in the town of Dalkey, about a mile south and a little east of the Sandycove tower. The urban directory that Joyce consulted extensively to create a realistic portrait of people and places in 1904 Dublin, referred to in these notes simply as Thom's, shows that a Charles H. Cochrane lived in Cambridge House, 38 Ulverton Road, Dalkey. Mr. Cochrane worked as a solicitor from offices on Frederick Street in Dublin—a fact consistent with Stephen's thoughts in later paragraphs that the boys in the school are "Welloff people," well aware of "the fees their papas pay."

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1904 Street Directory for Dublin City, Tyrone Street Lower, from the Thom's Directory held in the National Archives of Ireland. Source: