Gravel path

Not until Stephen leaves his place of employment at the end of Nestor does the reader have any sense of the building's exterior and its grounds. We know that the Clifton School where Francis Irwin briefly employed Joyce in 1904 was housed in Summerfield House, a handsome old building in rich suburban Dalkey, largely hidden from Dalkey Avenue by a high wall and shaded by mature trees. The house still stands, and the details of its exterior mentioned in the narrative correspond closely to what is there today. There are no lions, however.

JH 2019

Summerfield Lodge in winter, date and photographer unknown. Source:

The driveway down to Dalkey Avenue, still more or less a "gravel path," in June 2019. Source: John Hunt.

Another arm of the path leading down to the "playfield," now a lawn, in 2019. Source: John Hunt.

The playing field as photographed by William York Tindall in the 1950s. Source: The Joyce Country.

The lawn in 2019. Source: John Hunt.

One of the two marble lions couching in front of the New York Public Library. Source: