Much of Proteus takes place near "the south wall," one of two great seawalls that funnel the River Liffey into Dublin Bay through an area known by the name of Poolbeg. Partway along this wall sits an old hotel known as "the Pigeonhouse."

JH 2013

The south wall today, at high tide. It is seen from beyond the Poolbeg Lighthouse at the eastern tip. The Pigeon House is near the tall smokestack, halfway along the wall. Source: img.groundspeak.com.

Dublin in 1902, from the 10th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, with the "R. Liffey" flowing out to sea along the "South Wall." The Pigeon House is sited where the wall broadens to enclose a patch of land, just north of "Cock Lake."

The Pigeon House fort (on right) and hotel (on left), as represented in a woodcut engraving published in The Illustrated London News in 1866. Coloring has been added to the original monochrome print. Source: www.antique-prints-maps.com.

The defunct Pigeon House today. Source: Gareth Collins.