Howth tram

Dredging up still more silliness from his past, Stephen remembers a younger self "On the top of the Howth tram alone crying to the rain: naked women!" He was doing this not in Dublin or its suburbs, but on a tram that took travelers to the relatively remote and wild Howth peninsula, which juts into the sea about 10 miles north of Dublin. The indulgence of sexual passion in the great wild outdoors is not unique to Stephen, but typical in Ulysses.

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"Electric Tramway to Howth Summit," a postcard printed in 1907. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

1959 John Sarsfield and James Maguire film, narrated by Cyril Cusack, showing one of the last runs of the tram. Source:

Cars of the Howth tramline in the Howth railway station, date unknown. Source: Wikimedia Commons.