Leahy's terrace

The mention of "the steps from Leahy's terrace" fixes Stephen's location at the beginning of Proteus fairly precisely, and also links him with the location of Bloom in Nausicaa. Leahy's Terrace is a road in the eastern suburb of Sandymount. It runs southwest to northeast, beginning at Sandymount Road and terminating, at the time of the novel, at a seawall bordering Sandymount Strand. (Since that time, land has been reclaimed from the sea, pushing the seacoast further east.)

John Hunt 2014

Steps to Sandymount Strand photographed by William York Tindall in 1959. Source: The Joyce Country.

Photographs by Ann Brien of steps leading from Beach Road to the strand today, east of Tindall's location. Beach Road did not exist in 1904. Source: mycameraismypaintbrush.blogspot.com