Hodges Figgis

As Stephen tries to answer his question "What she?" (i.e., to which young woman in particular might he be addressing his ardent but hopelessly metaphysical words?), he thinks of a bookish "virgin at Hodges Figgis' window" whom he spotted three days earlier and gave a "Keen glance." Hodges, Figgis & Co. was a bookseller and publisher on Grafton Street, the elegant shopping mecca in southeastern central Dublin. The company's shop is now on Dawson Street.

John Hunt 2014

Grafton Street storefront of Hodges Figgis in a photograph ca. 1900.
Source: Vincent Van Wyk.

The same Grafton Street storefront in a recent photograph.
Source: Gareth Collins.

The current Hodges Figgis bookstore on Dawson Street. Source: www.panoramio.com.