Kevin Egan

"Kevin Egan" is Joyce's fictional avatar for Joseph Casey, a fenian who was involved in the revolutionary actions of the 1860s. Egan now lives quietly in Paris, working as a typesetter, drinking absinthe, and rolling "gunpowder cigarettes" whose shreds of tobacco evoke the more incendiary material of the Clerkenwell bomb fuse. Both Stephen, in Proteus, and the Citizen, in Cyclops, recall meeting him there.

JH 2015

Visiting time at the Clerkenwell House of Detention, from The Criminal Prisons of London, and Scenes of Prison Life, vol. 3 of The Great Metropolis (Griffin, Bohn, and Co., 1862). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Published transcript of the trial of Richard Burke and Joseph Theobald Casey, from the Proceedings of the Old Bailey. Source: