Madeline the mare

The lines of seemingly nonsensical verse—"Won't you come to Sandymount, / Madeline the mare"—that Stephen imagines as he marches rhythmically along the strand ("Crush, crack, crick, crick") do not appear to quote any preexisting literary text, though perhaps one will eventually be discovered. More likely, he is playing with sounds to make a little poetic composition, as he will do later in Proteus when he dwells on the sounds of "mouth to her mouth's kiss." The second line refers punningly to either of two French visual artists, and the punning continues as Stephen thinks about the lines he has just brought into consciousness.

John Hunt 2017

Le Sommeil de Manon, oil on canvas painting by Madeleine Lemaire (ca. 1906). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Detail of The Last Judgment, relief sculpture by Henri Lemaire on the pediment of the church of the Madeleine, Paris (1833). Source: Wikimedia Commons.