"Malahide" is a coastal village and resort about 10 miles (16-18 km) north of Dublin. In Proteus it figures as the port from which James Stephens reportedly escaped Ireland in 1867 after the failure of the Fenian rebellion. In other chapters it is mentioned as a town which Dubliners may visit on a holiday excursion, or get stranded in through poor choice of late-night trains. Most notably, it also figures as the site of Malahide Castle, ancestral home of the "Talbot" family whom Father Conmee contemplates in Wandering Rocks.

John Hunt 2019

Malahide Castle from the air. Source:

Maud Plunkett's tomb at Malahide Abbey, Malahide Castle. Source:

The Great Hall of Malahide Castle, with portraits of the National Gallery on permanent display. Source:

The Malahide marina from the air, looking inland. Source:

Skerries from the air. Source: