Punched tickets

In Proteus Stephen thinks that he "used to carry punched tickets to prove an alibi if they arrested you for murder somewhere. Justice. On the night of the seventeenth of February 1904 the prisoner was seen by two witnesses. Other fellow did it: other me. Hat, tie, overcoat, nose. Lui, c’est moi. You seem to have enjoyed yourself." The perforated tickets are probably for the theatre, to show he spent an evening in public view, because the date that Stephen gives coincides with a newpaper report of a French play about mistaken identity.

Senan Molony 2021

Published script of a 1935 edition of La Robe Rouge. Source: www.abebooks.com.

Photographed scene from Garrick Theatre production of The Arm of the Law which appeared in The Tatler in 1904. Source: www.findmypast.com.

Another scene from the Garrick production, from The Illustrated London News in 1904. Source: www.findmypast.com.