Seven Eccles street

When Bloom stands on the doorstep of his house in Calypso, feeling in his hip pocket and carefully leaving the door ajar because he has forgotten the latch key "In the trousers I left off" from the previous day and does not want to disturb his wife by opening the "Creaky wardrobe," neither he (realistically) nor the narrator (artfully) thinks to mention where in Dublin he is. Later in the chapter, when he returns from the butcher shop, the narrative notes that "he turned into Eccles street, hurrying homeward." But the precise address of the Blooms' house, 7 Eccles (pronounced ECK-əls, or alternatively ECK-ləs), is not identified until many chapters later.

John Hunt 2014

Flora H. Mitchell's painting of 7 Eccles Street in the 1960s. Reproduced in David Pierce's James Joyce's Ireland (Yale University Press, 1992), courtesy of the University of Southern Illinois Library.

April 2008 photograph by Pointillist of the 7 Eccles Street doorframe displayed in the yard at the back of the James Joyce Centre. Source: Wikimedia Commons.