Wonder is it true

First impressions of Bloom in Calypso suggest many differences from Stephen, one being his interest in modern experimental science. Whereas Stephen can think, at the end of the previous chapter, "My teeth are very bad. Why, I wonder," without displaying the slightest interest in the nature of teeth, Bloom brims with questions about empirical phenomena. Having only a high school education—an education from which he is twenty years removed—he comes up with some clownishly inexact answers. But he does have both curiosity and a nose for the scientific truth, as his thoughts about cats "in the dark" and black clothes in "The sun" demonstrate.

John Hunt 2017

Source: www.todayifoundout.com.

Diagram of different ways in which radiant energy, or photons, from the sun can react to matter on earth. Source: okfirst.mesonet.org.

Absorption and reflection of different wavelenths of visible light.
Source: www.sketchyscience.com.