Looking for something to read in the outhouse, Bloom finds "an old number of Titbits" in the drawer of the downstairs table. Tit-Bits was a weekly British magazine founded by the publisher George Newnes, first issued in October 1881. It pioneered modern forms of popular, low-brow journalism, but despite the suggestive title and some sensational elements it was not in the least pornographic. (Photo Bits, on the other hand, certainly was.) Bloom reads a fictional story in the magazine and wishes that he too could publish a story thereā€”as did James Joyce.

John Hunt 2017

The first issue of Tit-Bits, from 22 October 1881. Source: www.madameulalie.org.

Issue of Tit-Bits from 23 November 1889. Source: magforum.files.wordpress.com.

Issue of Tit-Bits from 13 May 1961. Source: www.tilleysvintagemagazines.com.