Walking past the open windows of St. Joseph's National School in Calypso, Bloom thinks of the lilting mnemotechnic tricks that help young children learn their rudiments ("Ahbeesee defeegee kelomen opeecue rustyouvee doubleyou"), and then of details of Irish geography that were drilled into his head as a youngster: "Inishturk. Inishark. Inishboffin. At their joggerfry. Mine. Slieve Bloom." "Joggerfry" was comical slang for "geography" in Joyce's time. The names before and after this word refer to three islands off the western coast of Ireland and some low mountains in its midlands.

JH 2021

Map of islands in County Mayo. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Inishturk Harbour in 2016, with Caher Island in background, photographed by Towel401. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Inishbofin Harbour in 2016, photographed by Towel401. Source: Wikimedia Commons.