Track of the Sun

One of the books sitting on Bloom's bookshelves, according to Ithaca, is "In the Track of the Sun." It is one of several travelogues that Bloom owns, consistent with his recurrent dream of doing more traveling. He thinks of the book in Calypso after imagining a long day's stroll through the streets of a Middle Eastern city, with a skeptical attitude toward both the daydream and the book: "Probably not a bit like it really. Kind of stuff you read." Despite these harsh words, the book is informative, observant, and fairly judicious. It appears to have given Bloom some of his ideas about far-flung, exotic parts of the world.

John Hunt 2017

Frederick Diodati Thompson, In the Track of the Sun. Source:

Frontispiece and title page of Thompson's book. Source:

The Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, on p. 191. Source: