Dolphin's Barn

"Dolphin's Barn" is an area on the southwest edge of inner city Dublin, named for the Dolphyn family who apparently had a barn there when it had not yet been swallowed by the metropolis. Molly was living in this suburb with her father when she and Bloom first met, and he remembers being with her at a party "In Luke Doyle's long ago. Dolphin's Barn, the charades." The encounter at the Doyle family house was one of their earliest meetings, and after the charades Bloom kissed her. Dolphin's Barn also figures in the Martha Clifford intrigue, because that is where she receives mail, and possibly lives. And it has a Jewish connection: Dublin's Orthodox Jewish cemetery has been located there on Aughavannagh Road since 1898.

JH 2017

The Dolphin's Barn area, in a detail from Hanni Bailey's simplified street map of greater Dublin. Source: Chester Anderson, James Joyce.

Rehoboth Terrace in the Dolphin's Barn area, just north of the Grand Canal. Source: John Henry Raleigh, The Chronicle of Leopold and Molly Bloom.

Lime works, Dolphin's Barn, Dublin, a 1931 watercolor painting by Irish artist Harry Kernoff. Source: