His backward eye

As Bloom raises the window blind in the bedroom he keeps his peripheral vision trained on Molly's perusal of the mail: "his backward eye saw her glance at the letter and tuck it under her pillow." Although the verbal connection is slight, Gifford is almost certainly correct to hear in this sentence an echo of Edmund Spenser's cuckold Malbecco, who cannot escape the awareness of his wife's infidelity: "Still fled he forward, looking backward still."

JH 2017

Walter Crane's 1895 woodblock engraving of Paridell wooing Hellenore in Malbecco's house. Source: www.pinterest.com.

Walter Crane's 1895 woodblock engraving of Hellenore dancing with the satyrs as their May-queen. Source: iopanosiris.tumblr.com.