Ikey Mo

When 1904 Dubliners want to express ethnic contempt for Jews, one choice term of opprobrium seems to be "jewy." Others are the familiar "sheeny" and the literary "Barabbas." A term of less obvious significance, "Ikey," expresses a milder strain of anti-Semitic feeling. It came from an English comic strip.

John Hunt 2017

Panels from Some of the Mysteries of Loan and Discount, the inaugural strip by Charles H. Ross and his wife Émilie de Tessier, in 1867 issue of Judy.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Ally Sloper and Ikey Mo in cahoots, first in their scheme to open a loan bureau, and then drinking and smoking together in a pub, in Some of the Mysteries of Loan and Discount. Source: brbl-archive.library.yale.edu.