The chamber pot that the Blooms keep under their bed for nighttime emergencies is described as "orangekeyed"—a cryptic adjective. Hugh Kenner makes a persuasive stab at explicating it, inferring that this domestic appliance is decorated with an orange border in the kind of continuous labyrinthine pattern often called a meander, Greek fret, or Greek key. He adds that the compounded epithet has a distinctly Homeric flavor, connecting the Blooms' bodily needs to ancient Greek times.

John Hunt 2017

A Portmeirion soup tureen (not a chamberpot, begob!) with a Greek key design. Source:

Jeffly Molina's photograph of a Greek kylix ca. 480 BC, showing a prostitute (hetaira) using a chamberpot, held in the Altes Museum, Berlin. The keyed border, one may note, is orange. Source: