Old Professor Goodwin

In Calypso Bloom thinks of "poor old Professor Goodwin," and more recollections follow in Lestrygonians, Sirens, Circe, Ithaca, and Penelope. William Goodwin was an actual Dublin pianist, conductor, composer, and music teacher. Calling him "old" seems odd, since he died in 1892 at age 53, but alcoholism may have brought on premature antiquity. The name "Professor" is interesting too, given Goodwin's hallucinated performance of a popular song in Circe. Pianists in New Orleans whorehouses were often honored with that title.

Richard Scoville and John Hunt 2021

2010 photograph of the organ loft in St. Peter's Church, Phibsborough, by Harsiem. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe, a.k.a. Jelly Roll Morton. Source: i2.wp.com.

Gelatin silver print of Tony Jackson as photographed ca. 1907-1916, held in the William Russell Jazz Collection of The Historic New Orleans Collection. Source:www.hnoc.org.