Plumtree's Potted Meat

The "Plumtree's Potted Meat" that fed Joyce's appetite for multiple entendres was an actual commercial product, but he invented the inane advertising jingle that infects Bloom's consciousness as he peruses the Freeman's Journal in Lotus Eaters, as well as the bizarre placement of this ad under the obituaries that occupies his thoughts in Lestrygonians. Even Joyce's assignment of the product to an Irish manufacturer in Ithaca is contrary to fact. It is possible that he simply made a mistake on this last detail, but if he did knowingly misidentify the country of origin, then the sexual and sepultural associations of Plumtree's humble product are joined by some interesting political suggestions.

John Hunt 2017



An actual ad, date unknown, displaying the same manufacturer's address seen on the ceramic pot. Source:

A mock-up of what the imaginary ad in the Freeman's Journal might have looked like. Source:

British Army Lancers turning from Inns Quay onto Church Street, toward Merchants' Quay, in 1916. Source:

The Taxing Master's Office on Merchants' Quay today, across from the Four Courts. Source: