High School

The "high school," "High school," or "High School" that Bloom attended as a teenager was the Erasmus Smith High School, a fee-paying Protestant institution sponsored by the Church of Ireland, known then and now simply as The High School. Today it is co-educational and located in Rathgar, but in 1904 it was a boys' school on Harcourt Street in south central Dublin, not very far from the Bloom family's house.

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52 Clanbrassil Street (red arrow) and 40 Harcourt Street (blue), in a schematic map of the south central Dublin area of Bloom's childhood. Source: John Henry Raleigh, The Chronicle of Leopold and Molly Bloom.

The Erasmus Smith High School at 40 Harcourt Street, Dublin. Source: ulyssespages.blogspot.com.

Boys leaving The High School, date unknown, from the main entrance featured centrally above. Source: ulyssespages.blogspot.com.