Cantrell and Cochrane's

In Lotus Eaters Bloom sees a poster advertising "Cantrell and Cochrane’s Ginger Ale (Aromatic)," and later in the same chapter he thinks of it as a "temperance beverage." This soft drink of Irish manufacture was a fixture in turn-of-the-century Dublin pubs, but in addition to being used as a mixer it apparently was often consumed by itself. The name "ginger ale," coined in the mid-19th century, points to its origins as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

John Hunt 2019

Post-1901 advertising poster for Cantrell & Cochrane's ginger ale. Source:

Antique bottle of Cantrell & Cochrane's "Aromatic" ginger ale. Source:

Irish antique bar mirror for sale. Source:

"Bronze by Gold," aquatint engraving by Richard Hamilton.