Saint Patrick

Thoughts of Ireland's most famous patron saint float regularly into the novel's dialogue and interior monologue. Some require no comment: a mention of "Saint Patrick's Day" here, a character swearing "by Saint Patrick" there, or an invocation of "the blessing of God and Mary and Patrick on you." But the colorful legends associated with this early Christian missionary, not one of them documented during his lifetime, take characters and readers down some obscure winding paths.

JH 2019

2010 photograph by Andreas Borchert of stained glass depiction of Saint Patrick holding a shamrock, in St. Benin's Church, Kilbennan, County Galway. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Photographic portrait of Sir Samuel Ferguson, date unknown. Source:

2007 photograph by Lyricmac of mosaic of Saint Patrick banishing snakes on the facade of St. Patrick cathedral of El Paso, Texas. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  Croagh Patrick seen from Clew Bay on the Atlantic ocean. Source:

 1666 map of Station Island drawn by Father Thomas Carve. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  Oliver St. John Gogarty's I Follow St. Patrick. Source: