Bob Doran

"Bob Doran," who is mentioned in Lotus Eaters, spotted from afar in Lestrygonians and Wandering Rocks, and finally encountered in Cyclops, was previously seen being trapped into marriage in Dubliners. Ulysses shows him briefly escaping from this miserable union by going on an extravagant alcoholic binge—an annual tradition, it seems. Few elements of the novel engage as resonantly with Joyce's earlier fiction.

JH 2019

Illustration of "The Boarding House" for the de Selby Press edition of Dubliners, from a 2014 giclée print by Stephen Crowe. Source:

  Early 20th century photograph of Hardwicke Street, the respectable street on the north side of Dublin on which Mrs. Mooney's boarding house is located, not far from St. George's church and the Blooms' house. Eason Photograph Collection of the National Library of Ireland. Source: