After going by Larry O'Rourke's in Calypso and conceiving his "puzzle" about crossing Dublin without passing a pub, Bloom leaves home for the day in Lotus Eaters and immediately finds himself thinking of pubs once again, this time when he imagines a young boy perpetually waiting for his alcoholic father to emerge from them. In addition to suggesting the sheer number of these establishments in Dublin, Ulysses gives a vivid sense of what a crucial role they play in the social life of the city, for good and for ill.

JH 2020

2019 photograph of the Oval bar on Middle Abbey Street. Source: John Hunt.

Recent photograph of the interior of the Oarsman. Source:

Recent photograph of the interior of Cleary's pub, formerly the Signal House, on Amiens Street. Source:

Photograph of Mulligan's in Poolbeg Street, probably taken in the late 1960s. Source:

Recent photograph of the Brian Boru pub, formerly the Brian Boroimhe House, on Prospect Road in Glasnevin. Source: