Corny Kelleher

At the beginning of Lotus Eaters Bloom predicts which undertaker's business will be in charge of Paddy Dignam's funeral "at eleven": "Daresay Corny Kelleher bagged the job for O'Neill's." This man, who does indeed manage the funeral in Hades, is identified in Cyclops as "Mr Cornelius Kelleher, manager of Messrs H. J. O’Neill’s popular funeral establishment," and in Eumaeus as "Cornelius T. Kelleher." He also appears briefly in Wandering Rocks, and in Circe he occupies the stage for quite a long while. Joyce vividly characterizes Kelleher as a businessman in charge of carriages, as a police informant, as a singer of Irish ditties, and as a well-intentioned if not very likable good old boy.

John Hunt 2022

Black Victorian hearse for hire (white ones are also available) from Ramon Massey & Son Family Funeral Directors, Dublin. Source:

White hearse ca. 1900, photograph courtesy of the Neil Regan Funeral Home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Welsh funeral procession in a photograph of unknown date. Source: