Standing outside the church in Lotus Eaters, Bloom checks his watch and figures that he still has plenty of time before the funeral: "How goes the time? Quarter past. Time enough yet. Better get that lotion made up. Where is this? Ah yes, the last time. Sweny's in Lincoln place." Walking "southward along Westland row" to its end, and crossing the perpendicular Lincoln Place, he enters Sweny's pharmacy under a façade that says "Chemist" and "Druggist"—traditional language in the 19th century. This business closed in 2009, but the physical shop has been lovingly preserved and repurposed by Joycean volunteers.

John Hunt 2022

  1987 photograph of Sweny's when it was still a pharmacy, by Peter Chrisp. Source: peterchrisp.blogspot.com.

2020 photograph of the largely unchanged storefront. Source: www.frg.ie.

  2013 photograph by Peter Chrisp of a week's schedule of Joyce readings, posted on a chalkboard outside the shop, with bars of lemon soap in the tray. Source: peterchrisp.blogspot.com.

J. P. Murphy, one of the volunteers in charge of Sweny's, in 2013. Source: peterchrisp.blogspot.com.

People gathered inside Sweny's for a reading in 2012. Source: heritagenpm.wordpress.com.