In Lotus Eaters, as Bloom strains to catch a glimpse of a woman's delicately stockinged leg across the street, his view is suddenly and violently interrupted: "A heavy tramcar honking its gong slewed between." His frustrated reaction, "Curse your noisy pugnose," may at first seem directed at the man beside him, since M'Coy has been babbling inanely and Bloom has tried to keep him from blocking his view of the action. But a reader who holds on to this little facial detail will discover in later chapters that the pugnose actually belongs to the man driving the  tram. Strangely, Bloom supposes that the motorman has intentionally interfered with his sexual fantasy.

JH 2022

A motorman at the controls of a tram on the Dalkey line, probably taken in 1898. Source: www.tramwaybadgesandbuttons.com.

Detail of a photograph taken in front of the Monkstown church, probably in 1897. Source: www.tramwaybadgesandbuttons.com.

Motorman and conductor of a tram at the Whitehall terminus, probably taken in the early 1910s. Source: www.tramwaybadgesandbuttons.com.