Clery's summer sales

In Lotus Eaters Bloom reads an ad for a summer sale held in Clery's (often spelled with no apostrophe), a large department store on Lower Sackville (O'Connell) Street. Gerty MacDowell thinks happily of these annual sales in Nausicaa. They were important events on women's annual calendars.

John Hunt 2022

 Print showing Clery's store on page 11 of Dignam's Dublin Guide (1891), by James Dignam, held in the British Library. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

 Dermot Berry's 1965 photograph of a Clery's sale. Source:

 The Clery's department store in 1853, the year it opened for business.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

 Clery's as rebuilt in 1922 (after the Easter Rising) and restored in 2004, in a 2006 photograph taken by GrahamH. Source: Wikimedia Commons.