Glimpses of the moon

It is hardly surprising that Stephen's thoughts are filled with references to Hamlet—he is giving a talk on Shakespeare at the National Library on June 16, a talk that centers on that play—but Joyce shows that Bloom too is very familiar with it. His knowledge of the play is particularly evident in Hades, where the funereal setting prompts half a dozen allusions, but it first comes up in a couple of jokey references in Lotus Eaters. One of them, "Glimpses of the moon," quotes Shakespeare's language exactly.

John Hunt 2022

Martin van Miële's drawing of a woman mooning a nun, with inscription "Miss Vera Polipyne is going to show us the wind rose (for Louis Morin)," from La Grande Danse Macabre des Vifs (1905). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

German peasants responding to the Pope's fire-and-brimstone proclamation with wind and stench, in a Lucas Cranach the Elder illustration in Martin Luther's Depiction of the Papacy (1545). Source: Wikimedia Commons.