Prescott's dyeworks

Ulysses glances several times at the ads that were conspicuously displayed on the outer surfaces of Dublin's tram cars. The first of these comes in Lotus Eaters when Bloom looks out from the portico of St. Andrew's church onto busy Westland Row and sees "Trams: a car of Prescott's dyeworks." (This would be a car on the DUTC's Route 9, Kingsbridge to Hatch Street.) Later chapters reveal that Bloom has been negotiating with the owner of this company to place an ad in the Freeman's Journal.

John Hunt 2022

Robert French's photograph of Dame Street ca. 1898, showing a horsedrawn tram car with an ad for Prescott's Dye Works, held in the Lawrence Photograph Collection of the National Library of Ireland. Source:

The same photograph retouched and colorized by Rob Cross. Source:

A double-sided enameled advertising sign for a Prescott's agent.