Wisdom Hely's

Although "Wisdom Hely" is briefly mentioned in Lestrygonians, Circe and Ithaca, Joyce granted only the dimmest fictive presence to this representative of the wealthy Protestants who lived at such a vast remove from his middle-class characters. Hely's stationery shop, however, enjoys some prominence as one of Bloom's former employers. Joyce probably gave Bloom that job because his friend Thomas Keohler worked at Hely's for most of his adult life.

JH 2021

CWH monogram on a wall outside the Oakland estate. Source: www.historyeye.ie.

Postcard view of College Green looking down Dame Street, with an ad for Wisdom Hely's on the tram in the foreground. Source: joyceimages.com.

The Hely's stationery store on Dame Street. Source: www.facebook.com.

Poster for the Acme Press operated on Dame Court. Source: www.facebook.com.