Prospect Cemetery

Hades opens with a funeral cort├Ęge heading to "the cemetery." Nearly halfway through the chapter, "The high railings of Prospect" are seen through the carriage windows, and at the very midpoint "the gates" are first mentioned. The coffin is borne through them and the mourners follow. The second half of the chapter takes place in Prospect Cemetery, a place with rich historical significance for Irish Catholics. It is located on "Finglas Road" in the near northwest suburb of Glasnevin.

John Hunt 2018

The front entrance of Prospect Cemetery, in a photograph of unknown date. Beyond the railings are the mortuary chapel and the round tower that stands over  Daniel O'Connell's tomb. Source:

Grave monuments in the Glasnevin cemetery. Source:

Photograph by Robert French,  ca. 1891-1914, of the grave of Charles Stewart Parnell in the Lawrence Photograph Collection held in the National Library of Ireland. Source:

Cardinal MacCabe's mausoleum today. Source: Gareth Collins.

The entrance to the mortuary chapel today. Source: Gareth Collins.