How many!

He does not know it, but Bloom's thoughts in Hades repeatedly echo Dante's Divine Comedy. One of these allusions is to lines of the Inferno made famous in The Waste Land: "so many, / I had not thought death had undone so many." T. S. Eliot's words about the commuters walking over London Bridge respond not only to Dante but to something that Bloom thinks about the dead in Glasnevin's cemetery: "How many! All these here once walked round Dublin." Two other allusions to the Inferno are worth noting, and a fourth passage seems indebted to the Purgatorio.

John Hunt 2022

Gustave Doré's 1857 illustration of Charon herding souls onto his boat in canto 3 of the Inferno. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Doré's illustration of Dante speaking with Francesca in canto 5 of the Inferno. Source:

Doré's illustration of the hypocrites in canto 23 of the Inferno.

Digitally colored copy of Doré's 1885 illustration of the body of Buonconte lying next to the stream in canto 5 of the Purgatorio. Source: