If you want to draw

Figure of speech. When Bloom encounters reporter Joe Hynes in the printing press room, he stations himself "in his way" and offers what sounds like a friendly tip about getting paid: "— If you want to draw the cashier is just going to lunch, he said, pointing backward with his thumb." Hynes happily accepts the information and hurries off to collect his salary, but Bloom has an ulterior motive: "Three bob I lent him in Meagher's. Three weeks. Third hint." In terms of the rhetorical theory that pervades Aeolus, Bloom's unspoken hint that if Hynes gets paid he will be able to repay what he owes Bloom can be described as an enthymeme, a casually expressed syllogism in which one or more of the premises is kept implicit.

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Tom W. Freeman's painting of Vice Admiral Nelson's flagship HMS Victory breaking the French and Spanish fleets' combined line in the opening stage of the 21 October 1805 battle of Trafalgar. Source: www.usni.org.