Dublin Castle

"Dublin Castle," usually referred to in the novel simply as "the castle," lies off Dame Street, just south of the Liffey in the very center of Dublin. This medieval fortress, reconstructed in the Georgian era as a palace complex, served for many centuries as the seat of British government power in Ireland.

John Hunt 2018

Dublin Castle in the Lawrence Collection held in the National Library of Ireland, date unknown. Source: www.dublincastle.ie.

Reconstruction of the look of the original Dublin Castle by Pi3.124, with dotted lines showing the location of the present-day Dubhlinn Gardens. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

20th Lancaster Foot soldiers leaving Dublin Castle in 1922, after it was handed over to Michael Collins on behalf of the new Irish Free State. Source: stairnaheireann.net.

2012 photograph by J.-H. Janßen of Dublin Castle seen from the Dubhlinn Gardens completed in 1680. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

2008 photograph by Paulmoloney of the confluence of the Poddle and the Liffey at low tide under Wellington Quay. Source: Wikimedia Commons.