Mustered and bred

As Bloom sits in Davy Byrne's in Lestrygonians, trying to decide what to eat for lunch, he thinks, "Sandwich? Ham and his descendants mustered and bred there." In these sentences four different puns (ham, mustard, bread, sandwich) are laid atop a slice of biblical history—the story of Noah and his son Ham, also alluded to in Circe. The witticism is not Bloom's, though he may be commended for having read and remembered it. It appears to put him in the mood for a sandwich with gorgonzola and mustard.

John Hunt 2020

  Noah Damning Ham, 19th century painting by Ivan Stepanovitch Ksenofontov. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  Engraving of Noah cursing Canaan in Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld's Die Bibel in Bildern (1860). Source: