Yeates and Son

Having passed the entrance to Trinity College in Lestrygonians, Bloom continues south along the railings and crosses the street that runs along the southern edge of the campus: "He crossed at Nassau street corner and stood before the window of Yeates and Son." This optical shop sat on the busy corner of Nassau Street and Grafton Street––a prime location. Bloom stands looking through the windows, and the devices inside get him thinking about long-distance vision. He turns in the opposite direction, back toward Westmoreland Street, to perform a visual experiment, and then turns again toward the sun to perform another. These experiments lead him to consider an important astronomical principle.

John Hunt 2023

Trams on Nassau Street (Bloom crosses from Trinity on the left to Yeates & Son on the right) in a 1900 photograph by J. J. Clarke held in the National Library of Ireland. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Bloom's location (lower green dot), the path he has walked to get there (red dots), and the Bank of Ireland building (red at upper left), in the Lestrygonians Guide Map published by The James Joyce Center, Dublin.

1973 photograph by Michael S. Walker held in the National Library of Ireland, looking from the west end of Nassau Street toward the bank's eastern portico on Westmoreland Street. Source: