Skyblue clocks

The "skyblue clocks" seen on on Boylan's socks in Wandering Rocks are not representations of timepieces. In 19th century sartorial language, a clock was a decorative pattern on the sides of socks, sometimes adorning only the outer ankles, sometimes going up both the outsides and insides. They were quite the thing for fashionable dressers to wear, and Boylan has coordinated the color of his with his "skyblue tie" and his "suit of indigo serge." In Penelope Molly recalls "that blue suit he had on and stylish tie and socks with the skyblue silk things on them hes certainly well off I know by the cut his clothes have."

John Hunt 2017

Early 19th century linen child's socks with embroidered blue clocks on the ankles. Source: