In keeping with the many other passages in the novel in which Lenehan predicts (falsely) the winner of the day's Gold Cup horse race, he tells M'Coy in Wandering Rocks, "I want to pop into Lynam's to see Sceptre's starting price." Lynam's bookmaking business appears nowhere in the 1904 Thom's Directory so it was probably a black market operation. Judging by the walking path that Joyce describes for Lenehan and M'Coy in the tenth chapter, it seems to be housed on or just off "Temple bar."

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  Photograph of a Dublin betting shop held in the Dublin City Council Archive, date unknown but probably considerably after 1904. Source:

The path walked by Lenehan and M'Coy in Wandering Rocks, as charted by Ian Gunn. (This map, used with Gunn's permission on JJON, differs very slightly from one published in Gunn and Hart's James Joyce's Dublin.) Source:

  William York Tindall's 1950s photograph of the approach to Merchant's Arch from Temple Bar. Source: The Joyce Country.

  Enda Cavanagh's recent photograph of a busker performing in Merchant's Arch. Source:

Tindall's photograph of the metal bridge as seen from Wellington Quay. Source: The Joyce Country.